The Creative Type


When I discovered that you can actually make a living by making movies, I searched far and wide for a role model. Unfortunately, small town living didn't afford me a real life example of what it could look like to work in a creative field for a career. 

Commentaries and behind-the-scenes featurettes on DVDs provided me with a source of education, but all those people who worked in Hollywood seemed so far away, and that life seemed very out of reach. 

Fast forward a decade and a bit, and I am actively living a creative life. I work on film sets, create my own projects, and love what I'm doing everyday. And that's what I want for young people. 

The Creative Type is my way of giving back. It's my way of showing that it is possible to have a life in a creative field, whether that be music, visual arts, photography, or just about anything else that requires skill and creativity. In effect, it's my way of being who I needed when I was younger.


"Be who you needed when you were younger."